Anti oxidants

One of the keys that time has proven work in slowing down aging is eating food which is rich in anti-oxidants – even before the term was even known. In China, traditional medicine prescribes special food to enhance an attribute, cure an ailment and improve metabolism or increase vitality and vigor; in India, the same results are obtained with specific herbs mixed with food. The same goes in Brazil and Peru.

In general, all plants contain sterols, which that are good for our metabolism in the body, but the champion foods to contain high concentration of antioxidants are those that contain amino acids, omega 3,6, and 9, and other useful fatty acids. The category also includes those that contain high concentrations of resveratrol and glutathione. An antioxidant-rich diet protects body cells from free radicals and toxins, which cause aging. This is because aging is, in fact, cause by the oxidation of molecules in our cells – and antioxidants slow this process down: for example, they are also used in Industry production to prevent degeneration of products. While oxidation is in itself necessary to life, all biological systems in plants and animals have anti-oxidants to keep the process under check, such as the aforementioned sterols and enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and other peroxides – not to mention the most famous and common, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

A decrease of anti-oxidants in the body may be caused by stress, and tiredness – which expose the body to excessive oxidation and cell death. Anti-oxidants do not just help slow down the aging process, but they also seem to assist in preventing the development of certain cancer cells, diabetes, and heart ailments. An anti-oxidant rich food may cost a tad more – but it is a price well deserved.
Examples of such foods rich in ati-oxidants are coffee, grapes and berries – leading to the exceptional anti-oxidizing properties of some genuine red wines, even though vinification removes the part of the grapes which is richest in anti-oxidants – the skin. Coffee has a high concentration, but is often mixed with far less healthy substances. The acai berry of Brazil is also famous for its high level of anti-oxidants, but unfortunately it isn’t found fresh in any other Country of the world.