Brightening a dull complexion

Dull skin, no matter how pretty and young a face is, will always appear haggard, tired and old. Lifestyle, diet, bad habits and the misuse and unsupervised application of anti-aging treatments can all cause this effect, besides a genetic predisposition.

The Causes
Skin can become dull because of aging slowing down its regenerative process, but stress and fatigue can have the same effect even in young skins; the same hoolds true for lack of vitamins and other essential nutrients, drinking alcohol, smoking, excessive exposure to the elements slow blood circulation and some kinds of sickness.

The Solutions

Drink a lot, to restore water consumption – we’re mostly made of water. Plenty of water and juices will keep the body hydrated, and this will help tyhe skin be healthier.

Have a smart diet. Some fatty acids are needed for the skin to mantain its glow and health, so balance your diet including those as well.

Exercise: sweating cleans the pores of impurities and removes old skin cells. Furthermore, as you exercise, your glands will naturally be excited and produce more oil, which will travel to the skin, coat it and rejuvenate it.

Exfoliate. Our skin is replenished yearly, but exfoliating twice a week surely helps in getting a healthy complexion. Allowing the skin to accumulate the dead and dying cells in its surface, and the pores to be plugged by old oils and dirt, can only dull the skin and tgive it an unhealthy, irregular texture.

Massaging the skin with oils and creams will improves blood circulation, with a special benefit to face muscles, and do wonders for the skin’s color. furthermore tightening tissues and muscles for a younger effect.

Have steam applications done. Even if just weekly, they will clean dirt and loosen up impurities lodged into your pores, which the heat will dilate – clearing away toxins to make way for the wonderful skin underneath.

Apply brightening masks: they easily correct irregular pigmentation, and prevent decolorization, leading to a brighter and a very pleasant skin tone.