Getting back hormonal balance

Hormonal imbalance – the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body – affects the whole body: it can result in mood swings, infertility and lack of sexual desire, to name a few. The right balance includes the right concentration of estrogens androgens and testosterone: these substances, among other things, are responsible for improving vigor and vitality, skin tone, and general levels of energy.

Because hormonal balance is so important in well being, pharmaceutical products exist to restore it when it is somehow altered. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones are not a particularly healthy solution. The real key is of a totally different kind.

Lifestyle Change – Stress is a cause of aging, and yes, hormonal imbalance. Even in this carazily running world, a precise effort must be made to keep stress to a minimum. Diets can also be changed to include maca, rice, yams, alfalfa, oat, soy, apples, cherries and wheat – all products which are rich in estrogen. Howeverm it is not always easy to change one’s lifestyle, and sometimes, less natural solutions must be suggested.

Alternative Medicine – Old practices are having resurgence in popularity. For one they are really very effective; also, their being all-natural makes them also safe and risk-free. examples of herbal remedies such as these are dong quai and the black cohosh, rich in phytoestrogen. Next is acupuncture, which restores hormonal balance by activating energy pathways in the bvody through insertion of sterile needles. however, if the case is particularly seroious and nothing else works, you might have to resort to the most extreme solution.

Drugs and Surgery – Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is the most common. However, the risk of side effects is high -always consult a physician and consider this a last resort.