Look younger – “Lunchtime procedures”

Never before have people desired to look younger, more vibrant and fit as much as today. Because of this, innovations and discoveries have multiplied to satsify those who want to seek a better lifestyle and get those bonus years they have always aspired to. When it comes to anti aging treatments, several procedures and approaches are now open. usually, only two constraints apply: the method that will most fit the patient and the budget. Following are examples of the later innovations of anti aging treatments that have gained wide acceptance.

Botox – The most common treatment for wrinkles. This anti-aging treatment is performed on 4.6 million patients a year in the US alone.It can be administered by a great number of skilled and trained operators. Discovered in the 50’s it received approval for cosmetic use in 2002 from the FDA: it is used to soften the frown lines and is also a good treatment for eye muscle disorders. Around the eyes, botox relaxes expressions and used as a filler it minimizes wrinkles and lines.

Skin tightening is a procedure that reduces or removes excess sagging skin typical of an aging body. The targeted areas are usually skin folds, the jowls, and drooping skin around the cheek bones. Skin tightening makes the patient look greatly younger, and is also useful after massive weight loss. The common procedure nowadays is done through lasers and is non-invasive, while in the past the excess skin was literally removed.

Skin care products are the most easily available of anti-aging treatments, with a vast choice. While most skin care products use some chemical ingredients in them, most skin care products manufacturers have in time adopted more natural ingredients and procedures.
Forms are also diverse from capsules to tablets, gels, powders and drinks. Besides being used on their own for a quick cosmetic result, Skin care products are now developed often for the purpose of maintaining the beauty treatments that a patient underwent.

Radiofrequency skin treatments are fast and very effective anti-aging treatments. Thermage is a type of skin tightening procedure that uses a patented radiofrequency system to heat up the inner layers of skin tissues; this way, collagen is contracted in treated areas,a nd it sproduction is boosted, resulting in a firmer, tighter and much younger looking skin. The effects can show within 48 hours after the treatment and the results improve weeks to months afterwards, and there is no recovery time, due to the procedure being non-invasive.

Injectable Fillers consist of collagen which is injected directly to the skin and the results are readily visible, for example to plump up the cheeks or define jaw lines. The results are younger looking, stronger and firmer skin, with no surgery and no recovery time. Effects are cheap, last up to two years, and require very little maintenance.

Collagen Building Treatments use laser to stimulate thebuilding up of elastin and collagen underneath the skin They are quick procedures with

The described procedures are so fast that they could easily be done in an hour’s time – leading to the nickname of “lunchtime procedures”.