Three simple tips

Anti-aging treatments are no longer the province of movie stars and celebrities – society today seems to require that everyone mantain a healthy and youthful appearance as age advances. Starting from your 30’s, when lines and wrinkles are rare and far between, acting immediately with an anti-aging skin cream is the best thing you can do to insure a graceful aging in the future and reduce the problem immediately. Later on, in your 40’s, creams may no longer be enough for the increasing number of wrinkles and lines, and thus you may have to resort to microdermabrasion, face lifting, or hydroderm treatments to stave off the effects of aging. it is a continuing fight to slow down what seems to be inevitable.

But maybe the solution does not lie in these drastic cosmetic remedies, but in a healthier lifestyle. It’s cheaper, it’s simpler, and it’s a constant treatment – better than any momentary intake of supplements, creams, or surgery. An anti-aging regimen can be as simple as following these three simple tips for healthy living:

Don’t skip your breakfast.

No matter how short time is, find enough for breakfast: it will help your skin enormously. The reason is simple: No breakfast means irregular hunger during the day, and the need to quench it with usually unhealthy food. Bad eating habits, carbohyudrate-filled foods first and foremost, spoil your health – and one of the first effects is the degeneration and loss of freshness of your skin.

Avoid the sun.

Tans may be fashionable, but they’re skin killers. UV rays are amongst the most damaging elements for your skin – you pay for a fashionable moment with a ruined skin later on. If you have to go out in the sun, always wear sunscreens and sun block lotion for protection.

Examine your skin moisturizers and creams.

Sticking with familiar products is not a good plan in anti-aging treatments. take the time to check what your products contain, and verify that they boost the production of collagen and elastin, and contain a high level of anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and their oxidative stress on your cells.

Being more youthful derives from being healthier. And THAT is mostly a matter of your lifestyle.