Lifestyle change

If you want to fight aging, few treatments can substitute one of the most highly regarded: exercising. It does wonders for your health, for muscular tone, it improves the metabolism in your body, and in general could very well increase your life expectancy: and be assured that no supplement, cure or surgery is more readily available and has comparable results overall. Even for people with little time on their hands, or whose age makes some exercises particularly effort-consuming,. gadgets and modified equipment exist to make exercising quicker, easier, and more efficient. Keep in mind that although with age we are instinctively brought to rest more, this is the moment when our body most need the exercise to stay healthy.

Aging and Metabolism – Aging brings, for most people, a general slowing down of their metabolism – which translates to increased need for exercise, especially since lack of exercise can actually slow down metabolism far more dramatically, as not moving so much makes muscles slow down and plaques develop in the colon, creating an obstacle to normal waste disposal by the body, which increases the chance for illness. Also, the body tends to accumulate more fat as age increases, which requires more exercise to keep lean and fit.

Aging and keeping an active mind – It is proven that people above middle age who lead sedentary lifestyles tend to also have increasingly lethargic cognitive abilities when compared to groups which continue exercising.

Exercising and deaths – After a certain age, many people start worrying that exercise will be an excessive exertion and they may literally drop dead in the middle of a session. Actually, the chance of this is less than one per million, and any and all risks can be avoided by consulting a physician before starting an exercise regimen (so as to be reassured of one’s ability to undertake some exercise) and following their guidance.

Aging and Strength training – In many older people, lean body mass is lost and substituted by fat. Judicious strength training, such as by weights, seems to be able to slow down this loss and actually promote the development of new lean body mass.

Aging and Strength development – Developing strength can be of great help to older people. It helps with endurance, prepares for more intensive exercise, and if done intelligently, avoiding excessive effert, is a true help with heart conditions. Furthermore it’s cheap: the only tools needed are a road to walk on and stairs to climb!

Exercising is an anti-aging treatment not to be ignored. It can be done anywhere, at any time, and does not consume too much time nor require excessive effort. Considering its low cost and high results.