Popular treatments

Anti aging treatments have a long history: the first records date to ancient Egypt where “longevity and beauty potions” were developed using with natural ingredients like olives and other common herbs, and probably there are also some previous instances which are not documented. Other ancient cultures like those in India and China, have a different approach, that of altering lifestyle and nutrition , changing food, drinks and practicing particular regimens, to promote longevity and gain a sense of well being.

The principles gave’t changed, even though technology gives us an additional edge today. Here are some therapies, medications and treatments which modern science confirms as effective against aging:

• The best treatments, and the easiest, are natural methods using plants and herbs. This includes one of the oldest and safest, and cheapest treatments in anti-aging history – good, natural, healthy food on the table every day.

• Exercise literally keeps the body young! Ranging from stress-releasing and physical exercises to brain exercises and diet management, it is one of the healthiest activities you can undertake.

• Methylators, such as SAMe and TMG, are proven to have a tremendous boosting effect on memory.

• Anti-agers, such as caloric restriction mimeticwhich influences cell repair or cell deaths, and Melatonins which activatemelatonin receptors and are powerful anti-oxidants.

• Antioxidants, the most common of which are Vitamins. Othergood sources of antioxidants are foods containing glutathione, resveratrol, and co-enzyme Q10.

• Cosmetics and Cosmetic Surgery. Collagen treatments, botox, scar removal, rhinoplasty, facelifts, Isolagen, lip repair, breast augmentation… we all know the many treatments science can offer to revitalize and repair our bodies’ look. This leads to improved appearance and increased happiness.

• Hormonal treatments. These anti-aging treatments consist in the administration of bio-identical hormones (to cite a few, DHEA, estrogens , androgens, growth hormone, and testosterone ). Effects include improved muscle vigor, sexual activity and general vitality and energy.

• Stem cell therapy, immune therapy and cell therapy appear to have significant effects in prventing aging.

• Nootropics, which are substances with improving effects on memory and cognitive ability. They can be easily found in plants, fruits and herbs. such as bacopa, ginkgo biloba, memantine, centrophenoxine, or piracetam.

• Antiglycators, for example Carnosine which contains powerful anti oxidants and boosts energy levels – so much that care must be taken to avoid an overdosage, which could result inhyperactivity. Other similar antiglycators are aminoguanadine, agebrium, or tenisletam.

This is of course a general list; specific treatments exist for specific issues and illnesses. They all share the basic principle: improving life quality through slower, controlled aging.